Completed Projects


Ethics in Engineering

Many people debate who's ethically at fault in a disaster, I just blame everyone. (That's not even a joke.)


Hyatt Regency Hotel Walkway Collapse

Just a couple weeks ago we did a presentation on the ethics regarding a famous engineering disaster. Each group was given a different event; mine was assigned the Hyatt Regency Hotel walkway collapse. We found the engineering firm was mostly at fault, and history agreed with us, seeing how the firm is nowhere

Monsters Inc. Debate

Probably the most serious thing that will be covered in this course, the Monsters Inc ethics debate was a great way to get start the several project we'll have. My group argued that the CEO's actions were unethical.

Image by Nemanja Peric

Caesar Cipher Research Project

I researched the Caesar Cipher and made a presentation based on its history and design.



Bat Attack

To celebrate the spooky season, my team and I designed and prototyped "Bat Attack," a mechanism intended to swing a bat towards your face when you open a door.



Screenshot 2021-11-12 135352.png