Jason's EDD Blog

The blog of me. But who is me? Me is someone who enjoy playing Minecraft, coding, and watching YouTube. Me hopes to have a good time in this class, and will do whatever it takes to ensure there are no uprisings against my reign. Me is looking forward to learning different areas of Engineering, as well as working on this blog. As of now, me is mostly interested in computer science and mechanical engineering, but me looks forward to gaining further interests as this class continues.


Concussion Creations

Goooooooood morning you beautiful people! I'm back again to talk to you about our Halloween mini project. It was the first real...

Monsters, Hotels, and Stinky Feet

Hello you beautiful people. Welcome back to my blog, the best one. I'm writing to you today about the start of my journey down the ethics...

Indoors in Bed

This summer was an interesting one, to say the least. Half of it was spent in my bed, the other half was spent on my couch. That's a lie,...



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