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Concussion Creations

Goooooooood morning you beautiful people! I'm back again to talk to you about our Halloween mini project. It was the first real engineering challenge in this class, and had its ups and downs.

We started with an ambitious idea: to have a stuffed bat fly at your face as you open a door called Bat Attack. We ended up with a bat that sorta flew around, and didn't break. Everything was completed on time, and we did push ourselves outside our comfort zone and used an Arduino Uno for the brains, rather than a different motherboard.

A lot could've gone better during the creation of Bat Attack. For one, I got concussed in the early stages of the project, and am still struggling to work today. This, on top of two of our other group members being absent due to Covid, it was a difficult task. Not only this, but our first motherboard, an Arduino Nano Every, decided that it would be best if it started smoking. I'm sure it had the best intentions, but we did need to replace it. This along with smaller issues, code not working and the bat being heavier than planned, greatly hindered our creation.

For the future, I would hope to not get concussed, but also to plan everything out and better manage our time. We kind of just did things as they came rather than do them in a specified order, allotting specific amounts of time for different tasks. Also splitting up the work more evenly. Because of how we tackled building, only one or two people could work at a time. I hope to use what I learned here in my year-long project, and that my head feels fine too.

Thank you for reading, and have a great rest of your day!

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