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Monsters, Hotels, and Stinky Feet

Hello you beautiful people. Welcome back to my blog, the best one. I'm writing to you today about the start of my journey down the ethics of engineering. We had a class debate about the ethics regarding the actions of the CEO of Monsters Inc in the film, Monsters Inc. My team won, of course, in a unanimous decision made by me, myself, and I. Shortly before starting work on the labor intense task of watching the movie, I worked on writing about the ethics behind a walkway collapse in a hotel in Kansas City. My group found the engineering firm, GCE International Incorporated Engineering, to blame, and we punished them severely. You've never heard of them... you're welcome.

Learning about the ethics, and lack there of, will inevitably help with my capstone project at the end of the year. The fact that professionals make mistakes assures me that I can make mistakes too and that double checking is not important. I do of course mean the antithesis of this, but I thought it was funny.

In my life outside of this class, most of my time has been spent on wrestling. It's picking up as we approach season, and my body is having none of it. My knee injury from months ago has returned with a vengeance, and my body is sweating more than I knew someone could. The other day I washed my wrestling shoes, and let me tell you, there must've been a very thriving bacterial ecosystem there because it smelled like hell. After washing them about seven times, they smell like something from this world. It's amazing what modern technology can do.

Outside school completely, I've been working on my app and hanging out with friends. Just last weekend I went over to a friends house and played pool. There was a clear skill difference between me, a friend, and everyone else there. Me and the friend, Kai, played a couple 1v1s, which we won about mostly equally. Before these, I hadn't lost.

I don't have much more to say. Thanks for spending your morning/day/night/twilight/time with me, and I can't wait to share with you next time. Until then, don't miss me too much.

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